Redbird Language Arts & Writing: ​Personalized Learning in Literacy

Redbird Language Arts & Writing is a digital, adaptive personalized learning solution that helps students achieve their full potential as writers—no matter where they are on the learning continuum. The technology is built upon more than 25 years of research in adaptive and writing technology and addresses language and writing standards for grades 2–7.

Why it Works

Redbird Language Arts & Writing leverages adaptive technology and a student-centered, personalized learning model to tailor instruction, accelerate learning, and empower every student to be in charge of their own learning. It uses groundbreaking writing analysis technology to provide students with immediate, error-specific feedback on their sentence and paragraph composition, keeping them actively engaged, writing more, and continuously improving.

Redbird Language Arts & Writing benefits both educators and students because it:

Complements core ELA instruction by providing adaptive, digital instruction, practice, and application in grammar, usage, and writing.

Provides students with a richly personalized path through the curriculum, delivering precisely what each student needs to accelerate their learning.

Integrates groundbreaking writing analysis technology, allowing students to receive error-specific instructional feedback on sentence and paragraph compositions.

Empowers educators by freeing them from instructing and grading basic grammar and mechanics lessons, creating instructional time to focus on sophisticated aspects of writing that will truly boost student writing capabilities.