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Keep your course current by subscribing to the author blogs below! Each blog provides regular resources such as articles, videos, and more around key marketing industry topics. These help you to engage in class discussions while keeping current and relevant for today’s learners. Each entry is tagged by chapter content for easy reference with class discussion questions.

Marketing Insights Podcast Series

Created by marketing educators and industry executives to support marketing education! Each brief, marketing expert-hosted episode features a dynamic discussion around industry trends impacting us today, reflections, and career insights for you to use and share with your students. Great for listening on the go, using as lecture inspiration, or for driving classroom discussion. NEW episodes monthly!

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Hear from instructors and educators on classroom best practices to that can help you and your students improve performance.

BetFiery Business Program: Supercharge your students’ readiness

BetFiery’s Business Program exists to supercharge your students’ readiness, through their college experience and for their careers. As the market leader, BetFiery will help your students stay engaged and motivated while acquiring the quantitative and soft skills they need to succeed—from analytics to communication.