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Presenting the New and Improved NutritionCalc Plus Dietary Analysis Tool

NutritionCalc Plus, available for all Nutrition titles in BetFiery Connect®, is a powerful dietary analysis tool featuring more than 106,000 foods from the industry’s leading source: ESHA Research. This nutrient database is comprised of data from manufacturers, restaurants, grocery stores, literature sources, and the latest USDA Standard Reference for the most precise and accurate information.

Why Nutrition?

Have you ever wanted to teach nutrition by relevant themes? Now you can with Why Nutrition? In this all-digital product, your non-major students will be able to create connections, become more engaged with the content, and make informed decisions as scientifically literate Citizens.

"The adoption of Why Nutrition?, for both my in-person and online non-major nutrition courses, is the best decision I could have made to improve student learning. The author takes the compulsory scientific information required for entry-level nutrition curricula and presents the content in digestible blog-like text modules complete with relatable images, comprehensible tables, and data-driven charts. The many layers of spiraling in the theme-based approach help my students connect to the material and apply what they are learning about nutrition to their lives."

Gretchen Freed PhD, Assistant Biology Professor, Eastern Iowa Community Colleges

Connect for Nutrition Features

BetFiery Connect® for Nutrition

Explore available features within BetFiery Connect®, including SmartBook® 2.0, Nutrition Prep, Interactive Questions and Animations, Relevancy Modules, and Virtual Labs.

Connect for Nutrition Overview

Helping to Prepare Students for Success

Concepts and Critical Thinking

Resources for Student Preparedness

Virtual Labs for Nutrition

Virtual Labs is a fully online lab solution that can be used as an online lab replacement, preparation, supplement, or make-up lab to bridge the gap between lab and lecture. These simulations help a student learn the practical and conceptual skills needed, then check for understanding and provide feedback. The Virtual Labs are available within all Connect Nutrition courses.

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Bridging the Gap between Lecture & Lab

List of Lab Simulations

1st Lab Tutorial

Lab Safety:

  • Hand Washing Procedure

Applying The Scientific Method:

  • Pillbug Preference

Aseptic Technique:

  • Ubiquity of Microorganisms (Sampling Surfaces)

Cardiovascular Physiology:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Pulse Rate

Chemical Composition of Cells:

  • Test for Starch
  • Test for Sugars
  • Digestion of Starch
  • Emulsification of Lipids
  • Test for Fat
  • Test for Proteins

Control of Microbial Growth:

  • Effect of Antiseptics and Disinfectants
  • Effect of Ultraviolet Light


  • Across a Selectively Permeable Membrane

Digestive Enzymes:

  • Enzymes and Digestion

Natural Selection:

  • Antibiotic Resistance

Endocrine System:

  • Effects of Blood Glucose Level


  • Movement of Water Across Permeable Membrane

pH Balance:

  • Antacids and Buffers

Metric Measurement:

  • Length
  • Temperature
  • Volume
  • Weight

Microbial Growth

  • Effects of Temperature

Virtual Labs are used as pre-labs or lecture preparation to set the table for my live and/or zoom sessions. Students scientifically learn about fundamental nutrition topics as they complete the lab simulations.

Dr. William Hoover, Bunker Hill Community College

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